Anastasiya Gavrilova


Innovative designer whose talents are proved by the numerous awards: James Dyson Award 2013, Design and Design International Award 2012, 2013, 2014, Red Dot Design Concept 2012, 2013 etc.

A regular participant of the exhibitions and TV programs. Anastasia has the vast knowledge and skills combining different spheres in her work: social psychology, science-art, high technologies and philosophy. She specializes on innovative product design, interior and architectural forms, she also leads her own course in the International Design School.


«I am inspired by the beauty of nature and people's feelings and transfer them into my works. Thus, new live products are born.»

A.R.NOVATE is a laboratory of innovative projects. We combine industrial and environmental design, interior and architecture, high technologies, sound design, art and scientific research.


Our creative company applies the emotional design and analytical system approach. This allows to generate and realize the most extraordinary ideas, to create really unique and finished solutions for interiors, products and services that people admire.

Rafael Gaynullin


Born inventor and innovator, Rafael initially started to work in information technologies sector. He took the positions from Web Master to Project Manager in a big IT company.

An experienced interaction and custom interfaces designer, an expert in the spheres of Usability and User Experience.

Rafael has the university degree in informatics and computing, and also additional education in project management, business analytics, sound production and automotive industry.


«The modern market conditions dictate the rules. Global manufacturers are forced to implement new features, change the viewpoints at familiar things and experiment with design. It is very important to keep the balance here and create a truly popular and cost-effective product.»