This lamp illuminates the space with soft indirect light, but its main feature is the original design. The reflector is made in the form of a circular metal sheet (disk), in which a wavy relief is squeezed out. On the lamp side, the reflector has a white matte coating, on the reverse side it is gray. This is the metaphor of the moon, which also has two sides - illuminated and dark.


 The reflector disc is able to rotate. By changing the slope, you can set a different structure of shadows and light on the relief surface. Also, the degree and direction of lighting changes.


The housing has the shape of a comet with a long tail, describing a circle. Inside the wide part of the body is a light source - a bright spot. It can also rotate and direct light to different parts of the reflector's terrain.


The lamp is suspended by a metal cable and is height adjustable.

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