Amazing cup which rotates and mixes drinks without spoon!

The PEGTOP rotates around its pivot-center on a stand-saucer by a push hand. 


The cup has a special pear-shaped design and the ribs which are inclined towards rotation (clockwise). It provides effective mixing of drinks and prevents a spillage (streams of liquid go down).


The beautiful rotation of a cup calms nervous system and entertains.

Cup PEGTOP eliminates washing spoon, listen to a ring,  saves time and the planet's resources. 


Design and Design International Award, James Dyson Award, Final Red Dot Design Concept and others.

Designed by Anastasia Gavrilova

and Rafael Gaynullin

Avalibale material: porcelein (default - white)
One cup - 30 €
From 10 cups - 25 € (per one)
From 100 cups - special price and the possibility of customization (color, logos, labels)

Delivery is charged separately, you can choose any shipping company (DHL, UPS, etc.)


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